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Whip Cream Chargers

Are you a whipped cream enthusiast? Then Quick Whip is your one-stop shop for your whip cream desires. We have a wide selection of whip cream chargers that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

We stock only the best-quality whip cream chargers brands in the US; Miami Magic, InfusionMax, SupremeWhip, FreshWhip, ISi, Whip-it, BestWhip, Special Blue and our very own QuickwWhip

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Whipped cream cartridges contain nitrous oxide, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

CA Customs are required to go through an ID check to confirm age and provide a copy of their ID for our records. All customers must read and accept the misuse disclaimers before ordering.

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For Unmatched Prices On All Whip Cream Chargers Choose QuickWhip! 

With QuickWhip, you'll find an incredible selection of whip cream chargers for both amateurs and professionalsRestaurants, bars, home kitchens, and mobile caterers are just a few places where our whipped cream chargers have been seen to create stunning dishes and hot drinks. 

Labeled ‘the perfect kitchen companion’, our catalog of N2O charger brands is a simple yet effective way to add a creative flair to your culinary creations. From fluffy whipped cream on hot drinks to deliciously light cream on desserts and pastries, the choices are endless when you choose our whip cream cartridges! 

Why not check out some of our tasty recipes and begin experimenting with whipped cream?


Proud To Stock The Best Whipped Cream Charger Brands In America 

Here at QuickWhip, we are proud to stock the best quality whipped cream charger brands available in the US. Packed full of culinary-grade Nitrous Oxide (N20) gas each N20 charger brand will never leave an unwanted taste or flavor in your culinary creations! 

Available in an iconic bright blue, our selection of Miami Magic N20 canisters are one of our #1 best sellers. Now available in packs of 24, 50 or 100

Available in a stunning pink colour, we stock only the best InfusionMax whip cream chargers for all whipped cream enthusiasts. Now available in packs of 24, 50 or 100

Power your dessert-making passion with FreshWhip’s flavored whip cream chargers Satisfy your strawberry or mint flavor cravings today! 

A favourite across the US, our selection of SupremeWhip N2O canisters is extremely versatile to meet any catering needs From packs of 24 all the way to 600, the choice is endless!

ISi Pro are some of the most reliable whipped cream chargers available in the market Available in a whopping carton of 360 canisters, these are perfect for any catering business. 

Looking for the best value for your money? Then look no further than our own brand of whip cream chargers, QuickWhip Our handy 8g charging bulbs are available in packs of 24, 50, 100 and all the way up to wholesale deliveries of 6000  

Finally, for even the largest whip cream challenges - we stock Special Blue, BestWhip and Whip-it! Only available in cartons of a whopping 600!


Buy Whip Cream Chargers For Wholesale 

Here at QuickWhip, we understand that some people can't get enough of whipped cream! That’s why we are proud to offer all of our whip cream canisters in wholesale quantities to satisfy everyone's whipped cream desires. 

Order our whip cream chargers online today, to receive the best wholesale prices in America!


Looking For Help With N20 Cream Chargers? 

Looking for whipped cream dispensers to complete your cream-making set? Or If you’re stuck on which cream canister brands are right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us at Our team of whipped cream experts are always happy to help! 
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Frequently Asked Question

A whip cream charger is a small metal canister or cartridge filled with nitrous oxide gas (N20) and is about the size of a shot glass with a small nozzle on one end.

When paired with whipped cream dispensers, cream chargers are used to infuse Nitrous Oxide gas (N2O) with cream to create whipped cream.

It is important to know that when buying whip cream chargers, they must be bought from a trusted distributor as there are special laws around the sale of Nitrous Oxide canisters.


Our range of cream chargers is available for purchase online and adheres to all legal requirements and standards to ensure you can create fluffy whipped cream, hassle-free!

Each whipped cream charger brand comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. For example, Miami Magic 9g whipped cream chargers will hold a greater volume of N20 gas than the likes of ISi Pro.


When choosing a whipped cream charger brand it’s important to consider what sweet treats you are making.
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