Here at QuickWhipChargers, we want you to be sure that you're getting the most out of your money and time on purchases; We also give you the assurance of a price match guarantee. This ensures that if you find items for cheaper from competitors, you won't be disappointed by ours. We guarantee to beat every like-for-like quote! 

If you make a purchase from our store and then find the very same items online for cheaper within less than 24 hours, we'll automatically refund the difference. If you're going to find a better option before you buy it, we’ll beat it. This however does not apply in the case of special deals. 

All in all, this proves our resolve to give our customers the highest quality goods at the best prices. 


How to Claim 

To make a price match guarantee order, please email and providing the following information: 

-The name of the competitor’s website. 

-A screenshot of a cheaper price and include the date and time visited. 

-The cost of the cheaper item. 

-Your name, email address and telephone number. 

-The order number for QuickWhip. 

We will review the information and respond to you by e-mail within two working days. 

Upon approval of your price match request, please allow 5 days for the refund to be credited as a second charge on the credit or debit card used for the initial purchase. The time taken to make the refund appear on your credit or debit card statement varies so that the amount does not appear on the next statement. 

Terms & Conditions 

In order to be legitimate, any request for a price match guarantee must comply with the following conditions: price match guarantee extends only to USA Internet retailers that have the same product in stock instantly offered (not on request) and the product is priced in full and precise. 

-Prices are compared on the price of the product and when measuring the overall price comparison of the rival, they will include the cost of the product and storage and distribution costs as well as any taxes, fees or other charges. 

-The QuickWhip price match pledge does not extend to any promotional, exclusive or discounted deals on the other website, including but not limited to, discounts or promotions made using coupons, vouchers, member discounts or promotion codes. 

-The QuickWhip price match guarantee is subject to change and can be removed at any time and is only valid on transactions made in the USA at the discretion of the management. 

Your privacy is vital to us. We can only legally use the information we gather about you (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998). We gather information about you for two reasons: first to process your order and, second, to provide you with the best possible service. This could involve passing your details on to our suppliers so that they can give your order to you and passing your details on to the courier company so that they can deliver your package. 

The type of information we're going to collect about you includes: 

  • Your name;
  • Address:
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail address:
  • Details of credit/debit card (We do not store credit card numbers, the information is collected by Shopify, PayPal or our merchant gateway Braintree). 

Without your express permission, we will never gather personal details about you. The details that we keep would be correct and up to date. You can verify the details we keep about you by visiting our "Accounts Settings" page after you log in or by emailing us. If you notice any inaccuracies, we will delete or fix them promptly. The personal information we keep will be maintained safely in compliance with our internal security policies and the law. If we plan to move your details outside of Australia, we will always obtain your permission first. 

We may use technology to monitor the patterns of behavior of visitors to our site. This could require the use of a "cookie" that will be placed on your browser. Typically, you can change your browser to prevent this from happening. It is not possible to use the information gathered in this way to classify you. If you have any questions/comments about privacy, please contact us at