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ISi Cream Chargers

Indulge in the delights of whipped cream with ISi whip cream chargers! With over 60 years of innovative experience, ISi provides the perfect tool to add a creative flair to your culinary creations. Discover why professional chefs and home caterers alike choose ISi's N2O canisters to take their dishes to the next level.

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A World Class Cooking Experience With ISi Cream Canisters

Get ready for a taste bud thrill with whipped cream chargers from ISi - this is not your ordinary cream-whipping device! Indulge in tantalizing whipped cream goodness, and elevate your food and drinks to a whole new levelWith each N2O canister, you can transform 0.5 liters of whipping cream into a whopping 1.5 liters, providing great value for your money.

So why wait? Give your taste buds the pleasure they deserve with ISi whipped cream chargers.


Great Deals on ISi Cream Chargers Across the USA

Whether you're running a large dessert-making business or simply love getting creative with desserts at home, ISi Nitrous Oxide canisters are the answer to achieving high-quality desserts quickly and easily. Now available in single cartons of 360, ISi whipped cream chargers are perfect for those in need of a challenging amount of whipped cream!

And if you find a lower price elsewhere, don't worry - we offer a price match guarantee on all our ISi cream whippers.

As a whip cream enthusiast or a restaurant owner, you can now purchase large quantities of whipped cream chargers in bulk at the best prices from QuickWhip Chargers! Contact us today at to learn more about how we can help you save money and enjoy delicious desserts.


Why Choose ISi N2O Cream Chargers

ISi's flavored cream chargers are the perfect tool to add creativity to every dish and drink. Made from 100% recyclable steel, they are environmentally friendly and easily disposable after use. ISi's N2O chargers are also universally compatible and fit most standard-size whipped cream dispensers making them perfect for bars, restaurants, cafes, and homes alike. 

With 60 years of innovation, ISi whipped cream charger brand provides creative flair to all culinary creations. And with easy use, the 8.4g cream chargers are a hassle-free tool for catering businesses across America that need delicious whipped cream in a flash!


Get Expert Help Choosing ISi Cream Whippers

If you're unsure which cream charger brand to choose, don't worry - our experts at can guide you through ISi's top-quality products Elevate your culinary game with the perfect fit - contact us now and discover the amazing taste experience that ISi's cream chargers can bring to your dishes and drinks!
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Frequently Asked Question

ISi whipped cream chargers are small, disposable cylinders filled with nitrous oxide gas that is used to create whipped cream quickly and easily. ISI is a leading brand of cream chargers, known for their quality and reliability. To use them, simply insert the charger into a whipped cream dispenser and dispense the whipped cream as needed.

Opening ISI cream chargers is easy and straightforward. Simply remove the plastic cap from the top of the charger, and insert the charger into a whipped cream dispenser. Turn the dispenser upside down and shake it vigorously to mix the cream and the gas. Then, dispense the whipped cream as needed.


Note that the charger should be used in a well-ventilated area, and should never be punctured or heated.
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