360 iSi PRO Cream Chargers - 36 x 10 packs (1 Carton)
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360 iSi PRO Cream Chargers - 36 x 10 packs (1 Carton)

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8.4g ISI Professional cream chargers. Buy premium cream chargers at QuickWhip today!

With the iSi Professional Chargers , we establish a new capsule standard: Quality from Austria, highest hygiene standards in production together with the whippers , a perfectly coordinated system; developed to enable you to culinarily realize and inspire.

The new capsules contain 8.4 g of pure N2O and are individually weighed before packaging to ensure consistent results. With maximum premium volume, less remaining volume and up to 20% more portions, you save money and time!

Conjure up perfect results with the iSi Professional Chargers for an incomparable variety of preparations - Great for food and drink rapid flavor infusions!

  • Filling guarantee: Each capsule is weighed individually and contains exactly 8.4 g of pure N2O.
  • Made of 100% recyclable stainless steel from Austria
  • Guaranteed no oil residues; production is certified according to HACCP